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Zürich, Switzerland
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All of the options above can be combined according to your needs and wishes

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Enjoy the beauty of Sound

Sound Journey

While comfortably laying on a mattress, there is only one thing for you to do: Relax. With the sound of singing bowls and other natural instruments you will be lead into a state of meditation and harmony. This time is designed to invoke a vivid mental landscape, shifting emotion, thought patterns and perspective. A deep inner journey.

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Intuitive Sound Massage with Tibeten Singing Bowls

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The Sacred Masterplant Cacao will guide us in this ritual

Cacao ceremony

This space is created to experience a heart opening through union, love and joy with yourself and your surroundings.
The ceremony includes: Intentional drinking of ceremonial cacao, Movement exercises, meditation, and much more.

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Rapéh ceremony

Rapéh is a shamanic snuff made from finely ground tobacco and a variety of other herbs. The purpose of a Rapéh ceremony is grounding and centering of the self and healing, and as such it is vital that your intentions are clearly set before beginning the ceremony. The act of taking Rapéh is considered sacred and a form of prayer by the indigenous Amazonian tribes who first introduced it to the rest of the world.


Event Schedule

Our new retreats and seminars are created for those who dream of improving the state of their body and finding inner harmony. All types of events for beginners and experienced practitioners.

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