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Zürich, Switzerland
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Cacao Ceremony

The Sacred Masterplant Cacao will guide us in this ritual

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

During a cacao ceremony, I share knowledge about this sacred plant of cacao, its history and benefits for you.
While sharing our intentions, we open and deepen our connection to the heart. In this heart space, we activate our voice and body through toning/ singing and movement.
This ceremony creates a beautiful, and heart-warming process of healing, which is shared in an open and safe space together with a group, your friends or family.
After drinking the cacao you will be guided into breathing exercises, medicine songs,
meditations, movement, silence and of course the sound of natural instruments (singing bowls, drums, voice, etc)


+ Improve and deeper breathing+ Lower blood pressure+ Calm down nervous system+ Improve sleep+ Clear energetic blockages+ Relax muscles and tension+ Improve heart rate variability


+ Increase awareness and relaxation+ Improve mood, resilience and emotional intelligence+ Reduce worry, stress or fears+ Deepen social connections+ Release buried emotions


+ Enhance ability to listen deeply+ Increase mental strength and productivity+ Release of undesirable thought structures and habits+ Enhance mood+ Balance the mind+ Improve decision making and problem solving


+ Connect with your spirituality in depth+ Experience oneness on a deeper level+ Increase connection to higher self+ Expand consciousness

What happens during a Cacao ceremony?

During a cacao ceremony you can expect:
+ A journey of opening, union, love and joy with yourself and your surroundings
+ A healing experience with a sacred plant
+ A connection to your higher Self to find your unique inner strength and wisdom
+ A shamanic and spiritual journey
+ A sacred space for meditation in order to connect to your inner wisdom and truth

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Good to know

For the best experience, I recommend to fast at least 3 hours before the ceremony and to drink plenty of water before and during the session.
It is highly recommended to abstain from alcohol and coffee (at least 24h before the
Cacao is not recommended for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, or taking antidepressants. If you still would like to join a ceremony, please reach out to me in advance and I will prepare you an alternative dosage according to your situation.

What is ceremonial cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is a raw paste made into a warm and spiced drink to consume in a ceremonial setting. It has been used for millennia to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body by the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas of South and Central America.
Compared to the hot chocolate that we know, this cacao is not been industrially heated and processed, leaving it with its natural fat content and other ingredients.

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How does cacao affect the physical body?

It is a natural and gentle plant medicine high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cacao increases blood circulation and the release of endorphins (happy hormones). In addition, it is said to boost the immune system and to reduce cholesterol.

How does cacao affect the mental and emotional states?

By setting conscious intentions, the medicine of cacao can help you find the awareness and wisdom needed for inner transformation.
Thanks to its ingredient theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine, it can boost the energy level and help in focusing more clearly in order to strengthen your memory and creativity. Ceremonial cacao can facilitate bringing about changes into your lives.
Some of them can also feel painful. The cacao medicine supports this process and teaches you how to deal with and integrate these emotions, in order for you to infuse them with gratitude as well.
Cacao is not a hallucinogen, on the contrary, the medicine touches the heart very gently and guides you on an inner journey to the emotional center of your body.

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This is one of the most exciting parts where we get to express our appreciation as clients of this amazing yoga center. Thank you for all your hard work regarding our health and great mood!

Linda Moore

Linda Moore

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If it wasn’t for your team of professional yoga teachers, I would have lost my balance. We have developed a restorative program that has been working to my advantage so far. Thank you and good luck!

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George Gordon

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When it comes to immediate restorative help, I know who I can count on. Being an accountant, you sometimes need time to get rid of all the stress. Great classes! I look forward to meeting you again soon!

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